Pellet plant

The client We took part in several projects with this company, which specializes in the production of fertilizer pellets. Its low-emission, energy-efficient products make this plant a great example in […]

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Poultry farm

Company We had the pleasure of working with a large poultry farm housing more than 100,000 laying hens. Our client was a modern business equipped with leading-edge technology in terms of […]

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Company AIM, a global leader in the metal recycling industry, has several plants worldwide and mandated Lem technologies to standardize the control and centralize the data acquisition of its atomizers. […]

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Company Énergir’s (formerly Gaz Métro) École de technologie gazière – Gas Technology School, in English – chose Lem Technologies’ solution to develop a control system that allows them to meet […]

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Company Plombco, a major manufacturer of wheel weights for the automotive industry, produces every day more than one million weights that are sold around the world. Our client has an […]

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Company This food company started developing tofu on a small scale in the ’80s. In 2019, Unisoya built a facility to double and automate its production line. Mandate The company […]

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