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As part of the replacement project of the 25 kV electrical substations of the Montréal Courthouse, we were given by our client the specifications of the engineering firm retained by the Société québécoise des infrastructures in order to develop a solution that would meet specific requirements:

  • Remote measurement and control

Thus our client was able to complete his service proposal by adding Lem’s expertise to his own. Lem Technologies has the expertise to analyze and assimilate complex and comprehensive drawings and specifications to design practical solutions. We can work with engineering firms and government agencies to help our clients by complementing their solution.


For this project, Lem designed the drawings and manufactured the electrical panels of the PLCs and interfaces. Lem programmed a network of three operator interfaces located in the different substations of the building and linked by fiber optics to make information available between every substation and centralize all measurement data on a SCADA screen of the electrical maintenance office. The system makes the following possible:

  • User management for the right to operate the breakers
  • Archiving of substations’ measurement data
  • Record of the operations of the system’s breakers
  • Alarm management with a troubleshooting editable annotation feature
  • Sharing of status and alarms with the building management system