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Process automation

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Food processing




This food company started developing tofu on a small scale in the ’80s. In 2019, Unisoya built a facility to double and automate its production line.


The company approached several automation integrators for the project and retained Lem Technologies services for our participatory functioning:

  • Client involvement at the pre-engineering stage in order to establish a list of the motors and sensors/actuators needed for the automation of a production line
  • Client involvement in the functional description of the automation of processes, which they had perfect control of, but only manually

As a result of this cooperation, Lem was able to design, manufacture and program the control panels for the two production lines of the new plant. We also developed a SCADA system to allow managers to collect the data required for quality standardization.


Unisoya highlighted the following benefits as outcomes of its automation project with Lem:

  • Easy plant operation thanks to structured operator interfaces
  • Production standardization thanks to sequences that have been set up properly
  • Reduction of required workforce
  • Production quality improvement thanks to effective control loops
  • Better tracking of production thanks to daily reports
  • Reduced downtimes thanks to cell phone alert messaging
  • Remote access that allows operation and diagnosis from outside the plant