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Boulangerie Boulart






Boulart is a bakery operation whose products are available throughout North America. The company provides retailers, restaurant chains, and specialty merchants with authentic artisanal-style bread, made in keeping with the highest quality standards. The company’s facilities are SQF Level 2-certified and include cutting-edge systems and quality controls.


In 2013, Boulart acquired a third production line from Italian manufacturer MATE. The acquisition consisted solely of mechanical equipment and was prompted by a desire for local Montréal manufacturing of automation, information engineering, network architecture, machine safety, electrical installation, and control panels.

The client asked Lemto develop an efficient control system for a new, fully automated production line
— from mixers through to baking ovens.

To remain competitive and profitable, agribusiness companies must be able to adapt not only to consumer desires but also to the many standards and regulatory requirements that govern corporate investment and production. We know these standards and understand the associated challenges. Some of the unique needs of Boulart were to:

  • Install a third MATE production line that offers improved capacity and reliability
  • Develop a more reliable monitoring and control system
  • Deploy more robust Ethernet communications network capable of high-volume, high-speed information transmission
  • Design and install a NEMA 4X (watertight) electrical wiring system that meets health and food safety standards
  • Reduce production downtime by eliminating electrical disturbances (harmonics)
  • Production line must conform to machine safety standards
  • Design and install electrical wiring to comply with CSA standards

Lem Technologies performed a comprehensive engineering of this new production line.

  • Design of network communication architecture between the PLC, sensors, equipment and remote stations (Ethernet network components and IP addresses)
  • Design of network for machine safety protocols and careful selection of security components
  • Detailed engineering of power and controls and validation of the choice of components, which would eliminate and/or reduce electrical noise
  • Detailed engineering of the production line’s electrical wiring
  • Manufacturing of the main control panel and input/output panels


  • Robust and reliable operational control system
  • Electrical installation and washdown conforming to regulations
  • Increased overall performance and reduced downtime
  • Reduced electrical issues post-washing of production line equipment
  • Correction of electrical noise issues (harmonics)