Control panel design

CSA, UL North American standards




Drying, dehumidification, sterilization, and pasteurization equipment


United States


Ventilex is a large Netherlands-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of drying, cooling and dehumidification equipment for a variety of business sectors such as food, concrete, chemicals, etc. This manufacturer has a sales and service division located in Ohio which serves all of North America.


Equipment from this manufacturer features PLC control panels with operator interface specific to the use for which they were developed. Ventilex was looking for a company specializing in the design and manufacture of control panels complying with North American CSA, UL and machine safety standards. The President of the U.S. office and the engineering manager and project director of the Ventilex headquarters in the Netherlands, met with and audited Lemm Technologies.

There are many factors in our expertise as designer and manufacturer of control panels which also contributed to Ventilex choosing Lem as its partner:

  • We master North American electrical installation standards and calculation of large electric power systems.
  • Our engineers have well-above-average knowledge of machine safety standards.
  • Our team includes engineers in programming of PLC, HMI and Scada.
  • We have a thorough understanding of IEC products and CE standards.
  • We use the same design software as Ventilex in the Netherlands.


Today Lem control panels and professional expertise are in use throughout North America for Ventilex.

  • The control panels conform to CSA and /or UL and machine safety standards.
  • The quality, reliability and functionality of control panels is significantly improved.
  • Delivery times are now much more reliable.
  • The required start-up time is reduced because all quality testing (of connections, communication network, PLC and HMI functionality programs, configuration of VFD, etc.) are made at our factory before shipment to the customer.
  • We take care of the coordination with shippers, Customs and technical communication with the project office located in the Netherlands.
  • We provide support to their local automation engineers who are responsible for commissioning projects in North America.