Control panel design

CSA, UL North American standards

Machine safety


Deville Technologies


Equipment manufacturing for food processing companies




Deville Technologies provides industrial food cutting solutions for cheese, meat, fruits, vegetables, and more. The company supplies manufacturing technology for the food industry worldwide.


Deville initially called upon the expertise of Lem in manufacturing custom control panels:

  • Design of electrical drawings in accordance with CSA, cUL or CE standards depending on the location of the machine’s end user
  • Manufacturing of control panels that are CSA, cUL or CE certified
  • Pre-operational testing that guarantees outstanding quality
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines


Through this first project, Deville quickly realized that Lem was not simply a panel manufacturer and since then, the company benefits from the multidisciplinary expertise of our team to improve its products:

  • Machine safety: Deville takes advantage of Lem’s know-how to make its machines safer.
  • Electrical installation: Lem is in charge of installing, connecting and plugging the control panels on the machines at Deville’s mechanical workshop according to regulations and applicable standards.
  • Programming: Deville is fully in control of its programming but uses Lem’s services to translate it into other brands of PLCs and interfaces according to need.
  • Remote start-up support: When Deville puts its machines into service, the company trusts Lem in finding answers to its questions about control equipment.